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fSense Privacy Policy

Last modified Date: December 28, 2016.

When you use our product, you trust us with your information. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. We hope you will take time to read it carefully.

Information we collect

We collected information associated with an action a user does in a monitored computer. Once an application is used or a website is accessed, an event on behalf of this action is generated and sent to our servers. This event contains a lot of types of information, such as the ones illustrated below:

  • Application name
  • Website name (host and URL)
  • Usage date and time
  • Computer name
  • Name of the user that takes the action
  • Duration of the action

We can also indirectly get business data through existing features such as screen or video recording (the computer screen is recorded in those cases). However, this kind of collected information will only be displayed in the account’s dashboard if previously allowed by the account’s owner (over configuration or any other mechanism provided). That behavior is deactivated by default. The act of directly and explicitly collecting business data will only be applied if approved between the parts – Licensor (fSense) and Licensee (you) – which may occur, for example, for requested customizations in the product (e.g. Enteprise plan).

Why we collect

The main value proposition of the product indicates providing real insights so you can take action on behalf of compliance usage fit or productivity improvement. That’s why we collected the mentioned data allowing these kinds of insights to be provided. Without the real actions (events and data) done in the monitored computers we cannot provide that vision.

How we use information we collect

We do not use your information. That’s all up to you. Only you have access to your information. We just generate graphs and statistics over your data to allow your perception of the facts. We definitely do not use collected information for any kind of analysis or action.

What information we really use

The only information we use are features’ usage statistics allowing us to know and anticipate how to improve our features to provide more value to the user. We use statistics of product usage only, not collected data of monitored computers as described in the previous section.

Visibility of your data

Your data are kept safe and private. Only the owner of an account can see data associated to it which means that only you can see your own data. Nobody else can. However, there is a rare case when we can see your data only to provide you best support based on strict needs. This scenario must be approved by you when contacting us.

How we secure your information

All collected data from are sent in encrypted form (HTTP over SSL). We transfer that encrypted so third-parties cannot understand it. We use digital certificated emitted by well-known security authorities to provide such encryption. Also, sensitive data, as your login password, are also stored in encrypted form. We are committed to display the data only to its owner so only you can see your own data. The desktop agent application is also signed to grant credibility and security so the operational system can know the source provider of the application.

All collected data are stored in Amazon infrastructure, one of the biggest cloud providers in the market, ensuring that your data will be kept secure. We constantly review infrastructure, storage and processing practices, including physical security measures, to guard against unauthorized access to systems.

Environment privacy policies

You, the owner of an account, are responsible for being committed and compliant with existing privacy policies of the environment you belong, being totally responsible for ensuring that the monitored computers can really be monitored and also ensure that you are not infringing on the privacy of any users – based on the environment privacy policies you belong – using those computers.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice (including, for certain services, email notification of privacy policy changes).

“We keep your personal information private and safe — and put you in control” – fSense