fSense product

What is fSense?

fSense is an outcome-focused monitoring software platform that monitors computers and allows managers to see what employees are actually doing. The information collected is available on the online dashboard, allowing you to understand:

  • productivity gaps;
  • processes performed to meet a demand related to work to be done;
  • inappropriate behavior;
  • real-time information on what employees are actually doing;
  • any underutilized workforce;
  • inappropriate use of work tools;
  • operational gaps in process execution.


What benefits does fSense provide my business with?

  • It provides you with data so that you can improve productivity, efficiency, and business quality.
  • It shows workplace deviation and inappropriate use of work tools.
  • It provides a complete visibility of process execution.
  • It shows operational productivity gaps.
  • It provides employee performance indicators.
  • It provides indicators of the execution of business processes.
  • It allows you to monitor and measure operational processes.
  • It enables high-added value insights.
  • It enables low-cost solutions.
  • It enables simple, intuitive, and adherent solutions.


What are fSense features?

Our user guide has a complete description of the product features.


What is the fSense slogan and what does it mean?

Slogan: Facts and Sense for Business. Significado: Percepção dos fatos do negócio.



What is a subscription?

It is the act of subscribing to use fSense.


What is a lifetime license?

É uma licença que, uma vez adquirida, faz-se desnecessário o pagamento recorrente mensal para utilização do produto fSense. O cliente tem acesso ao fSense de forma perpétua. To request this type of license, click the “request a quote” button at the Enterprise plan section at fsense.com or send an email directly to sales@fsense.com.


What are fSense plans?

Basic, Premium e Enterprise. They are listed at fsense.com. Click hereto contact us.


What are the payment methods?

You can pay by

  • Bank slip
  • Credit card
  • Direct debit


What are the differences between the Standard and the Enterprise plan?

The Standard plan monitors only from 10 to 200 computers, while the Enterprise plan includes: lifetime or subscription license, on-premises model, and customized implementations..


How does the Enterprise plan work?

  • Lifetime license or subscription license: you can buy a lifetime license or buy licenses for more than 1,000 computers.
  • On-premises model: you can have fSense installed in your computing infrastructure.
  • Customized implementation: you can request customized implementations to our Customer Service according to your specific business needs.
  • Cloud-based model: you can use fSense in the cloud.


Do I need to make any type of payment to use the trial version?

No. An account with up to 10 monitored computers does not generate any cost for the account holder..


How much does fSense cost?


Can I cancel the Standard plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel it at any time. To cancel your subscription, send an e-mail to support@fsense.com


Can I cancel the Enterprise plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel it at any time. However, you need to request cancellation to the account manager.


Is customization available for the free and Standard versions?

No. Customization is available only in the Enterprise version.


Why is the first month of the Standard plan free?

It is a benefit for you to be sure that fSense adds value to your business and provides you with insights.


How long is the free trial version available?

You can monitor up to 10 computers in the free trial version for up to 15 days.



How can I contact fSense’s team?

You can contact fSense’s team at the website chat box, at the fSense dashboard, or by sending an e-mail to contact@fsense.com to ask general questions, support@fsense.com, to request support.


How can I request support?

You can send an email to support@fsense.com or contact us through the website chat box or the fSense dashboard.


Can I request support 24/7?

Support is available from 8 AM to 6 PM (GMT-3) from Monday to Friday.


Is the fSense’s team available 24/7?

The fSense’s team is available from 8 AM to 6 PM. (GMT-3) from Monday to Friday.


How can I be sure my data are safe?

The data collected from monitored computers are encrypted, which ensures that they cannot be read and interpreted by third parties. In addition, you can check security by the browser lock, which indicates that data transfer is safe, and the domain is trusted. You can also check the COMODO security certificate at the bottom of the site.


What is the data retention period?

The data collected from monitored computers are stored for 3 months and the screen shots are stored for 7 days


How can I start using fSense?

You just need to create an account. Click “Start now”! It is fast and simple.

Plan details:

  • For up to 10 monitored computers, you can use the trial version, which is completely free. Click “Start now” and create your account.
  • For more than 10 computers, you need to subscribe to the Standard plan. It is not necessary to enter your credit card when you subscribe to the Standard plan, as the first month is free. The fSense team will contact you at an appropriate time. Click “Start now” and create your account.
  • For customized implementation, on-premises model, and lifetime license, contact the fSense team before creating an account by clicking on Request a quotein the Enterprise plan section, or by sending an e-mail to sales@fsense.com.


How can I cancel my account?

Send an email to support@fsense.com to request cancellation.


I have canceled my account. Can I reactivate it?

Yes. Send an email to support@fsense.com to request reactivation.


Is my account information safe?

Yes. Data are encrypted and stored securely.


Can I change the e-mail I used to create my account?

No. The e-mail is an identifier and cannot be changed. You can only change the name used to create the account by accessing account option in the on line dashboard.


I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

In the login webpage, choose the option [Forgot your password?]. After being redirected, enter your email to reset your account.



In which languages is the website available?

The website is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


How can I create an online account?

  • 1. Click “Start now” and create your account.
  • 2. After being redirected to the online dashboard, download the desktop agent.
  • 3. Install the desktop agent in the computers you want to monitor. Activate the desktop agent using the email you used to create your account.
  • 4. You’re ready to use fSense! Now you can have valuable insights directly on your online dashboard.


Desktop agent

How can I install the desktop agent?

Check the installation guide for fSense installation instructions.


How can I uninstall the desktop agent?

The user who installed the desktop agent can uninstall it him/herself. Access [Add or remove programs] and uninstall the desktop agent.


Can I monitor my company’s computers outside of Brazil?

Yes. Once the installation is activated using an account email, the computer data will be sent to this account, regardless of the geographical location of the computer.


Do I need access to Internet to install the desktop agent?

Yes. Make sure that your computer is properly connected to the Internet when installing the fSense desktop agent. Installation cannot be done without access to Internet.


Online Module – Dashboard

How can I access the user guide?

The user guide has a complete description of the product features.


Can I access the data collected without using the Internet?

Only in the on-promises model you can access the data collected without the Internet. In this model, the server is in the client’s computing infrastructure, with no need to access the Internet.


Consigo vincular duas contas do fSense para um mesmo computador monitorado?

No. A computer can be monitored by only one online account.


Can I use my cellphone to access my information?

Yes. The dashboard can be accessed by a web browser on the cell phone. However, we suggest you to use a device with a high-resolution screen for a better experience.