Why fSense?

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FSense continuously records the activities of the monitored computers and
organizes information in a practical dashboard.
fSense accurately measures your team’s productivity and helps you to take
corrective actions to reach your company's goals.
fSense monitors network usage and records accesses to sites and applications
not approved by your company.
fSense helps you identify your team's individual and collective habits,
behaviors, and needs.

As simple as it should be; as agile as you need it.

fSense provides your company with flexibility, accurate information, and increased productivity.

For billing operations

Automated processes
Replace repetitive and unproductive activities with smart, efficient processes.
Real-time management
Immediately access valuable insights that will assist your team management.

For compliance operations

Minimize risks
Identify behavioral deviations that may harm the health of your company.
Quality in processes
Standardize best practices that reduce risks and increase your teams' daily results.

To enable remote work

Measure productivity
Use our tool that allows you to effectively measure your team’s results.
Information one click away
Have real-time access to real data of your team's performance, organized in customized graphics.

4 steps to start monitoring your company’s computers.

blank Enter your e-mail and create your account. Sign up for free.
Click here.
blank Download fSense desktop agent. When you open the dashboard, click the download button.
blank Install the desktop agent. It is available for Windows, and either the administrator user or the employee can install it.
blank Get valuable insights for your management In a few minutes, you can access reports and data in one place: the fSense dashboard.

Find out how easy it is to start managing your team:

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From telecommunications to financial companies, fSense improves performance and productivity results.


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  • More than 120 licenses
  • API
  • Analytics
  • Legacy system integration
  • Online support
  • Unattended installation
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