Any questions about fSense?


fSense Product

What is fSense?

fSense is a monitoring platform focused on results. It enables you to monitor workstations being possible to understand what employees are actually doing. The information collected is available on the online dashboard, allowing complete understanding of:

  • Productivity gaps.
  • The processes executed to finalize the demands.
  • Inappropriate behavior.
  • Real time visibility of what actually employees are doing.
  • Misused workforce.
  • Improper use of working tools.
  • Operational processes problems and gaps.


Which benefits are provided by fSense for my business?

  • Facilitate the understanding of productivity improvements, efficiency and quality of business.
  • Show deviant behavior indicators and inappropriate use of working tools.
  • Deliver complete visibility of the processes execution.
  • Show operational productivity gaps.
  • Delivering productivity indicators of the workforce.
  • Delivering indicators of business processes being executed.
  • Allow monitoring and measurement of operational processes.
  • Allow value-added insights.
  • Provide a low-cost solution.
  • Provide a simple, intuitive and compliant solution.


What are the features?

The user manual provides a complete description of the product’s features.


What does the product slogan mean?

Slogan: Facts and Sense for Business. Meaning: perception of the facts of your business. What really happens!



What is subscription?

The subscription is a signature made by the client allowing him to use the fSense product.


What is the perpetual license?

It is a license that, once acquired, makes the monthly recurring payment to use of fSense product unnecessary. The customer has a perpetual access to fSense. To request this type of license, which falls within the Enterprise plan, you need to access the contact form using the Contact button, Enterprise plan, existing in https://www.fsense.com site or even send an e-mail directly to sales@fsense.com.


What are the plans?

The Basic, Premium and Enterprise plans are listed on the fSense site. You can get in touch with us by clicking here


What are the payment methods?


  • Payment slip
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card


What are the differences between the Premium and Enterprise plans?

While both plans are paid, the Premium plan only varies by the number of monitored computers (up to 10 computers / limit of 200) not allowing the possibilities that the Enterprise model provides, such as perpetual license, on-premises model and customizations based on customer needs.


How does the Enterprise plan work?

  • Perpetual license or subscription: You can purchase a perpetual license as well as monitoring more than 1.000 computers.
  • On-Premises model: allows you to install fSense in your environment (the customer infrastructure).
  • Customizations: allows the customer to request custom features specific to their needs.
  • Cloud Model: allows you to use fSense in the cloud.

Does the Basic plan (the free one) has any kind of payment?

No. There is no cost for owner of the account for up to 10 monitored computers.


How much does fSense cost?

  • Plano Premium -You can get in touch with us by clicking here.
  • Plano Enterprise – You can get in touch with us by clicking here.


Can I cancel my Premium plan at any time?

Yes. You must send an e-mail to support@fsense.com requesting the cancellation of your account.


Can I cancel my Enteprise plan at any time?

You must request the cancellation of your plan to your account manager.


Is it possible to request customizations in the Basic or Premium plans?

No. Customizations are allowed in the Enteprise plan only.


Why is the first month free in the Premium plan?

It is an advantage so the user can delight the product benefits even in a paid plan.


How long can I use the free plan (Basic)?

If there are 10 monitored computers or less, it means that you are in the free plan (Basic). In this case, there is no time limit and you can use it for free without any problem.



How can the customer can contact the fSense team?

The customer can use the chat window existing in the site or the online dashboard or by sending a direct e-mail to support@fsense.com or contact@fsense.com.


How can the customer can request support?

The customer can use the chat window existing in the site or the online dashboard or by sending a direct e-mail to support@fsense.com.


Is the support provided 24 hours per day?

The support will be available between 8.00 and 21.00, Monday to Saturday, GMT-3 time zone.


Is the fSense team available 24 hours per day?

The support will be available between 8.00 and 21.00, Monday to Saturday, GMT-3 time zone.


How can I be sure that my information is kept safe?

The data collected from the monitored computers are all sent encrypted, ensuring that data cannot be read and interpreted by third parties. In addition, you can check the security padlock icon of the browser, indicating the secure transmission of data and also the fSense as a trusted domain. Still, you can check the COMODO security certificate in the site footer.

How long is the data retention period?

The data collected from the monitored computers are disponible for 3 months for collected data and 7 days for screenshots.

How can I start using the product?

Simply create your account. Click on “Get started“! It’s fast and simple.

Plans’ details:

  • You can use the Basic plan if you need to monitor up to 10 computers. It’s free! Click on “Get Started” and easily create your account.
  • If you need to monitor more than 10 computers, you need the Premium plan. You do not need to provide your credit card upfront because the first month is free of charge. The fSense team will contact you as needed. Click on “Get Started” and easily create your account.
  • If you need customizations, on-premises model or a perpetual license, you must purchase the Enterprise plan. Click on the Contact button of the Enterprise plan to get in touch or send an e-mail directly to sales@fsense.com.


How can I cancel my account?

You must send an e-mail to support@fsense.com requesting the cancellation of your account.


I just cancelled my account. Can I reactivate it?

Yes. You must send an e-mail to support@fsense.com requesting the reactivation of your account.


What about security?

The data is sent in encrypted form and stored safely.


Can I change the e-mail of my account?

No. The e-mail is an identifier. You can change only the used name by accessing the account menu in the online dashboard.


I forgot my password. How can I rescue it?

Choose the option [Forgot your password?] in the login page. After being redirected, provide the e-mail of your account to proceed.



Which languages are supported on the site?

The site supports English and Portuguese languages.


How can I create an account?

  • 1. Click on “Get started” and create your account.
    • 2. After being redirected to the online dashboard, download desktop agent.
    • 3. Install the desktop agent in the computers to be monitored. Activate the installation using the same e-mail of your account.
  • 4. Done! You can access valuable insights directly in your online dashboard.


Desktop agent

How to install the desktop agent?

The installation guide can be accessed to guide you on the desktop agent installation.


How to uninstall the desktop agent?

You can uninstall it accessing the [Add or Remove Programs] window in the operational system.


Can I monitor a computer located outside Brazil?

Yes. By activating an installation process using a specific e-mail account, the data collected from that monitored computer will be sent to that specific account, regardless of the geographic location of that computer.


Is an Internet connection mandatory to perform the installation of the desktop agent?

Yes. You must be sure that your computer is properly connected to the Internet when installing the desktop agent. The installation process will not proceed without Internet connection.


Online Dashboard Module

How can I access the user guide?

The user guide manual has complete descriptions about the product features.


Is there any way to access the data collected without using the internet?

Yes, only on the on-premises model because, in this case, the server is in the customer’s infrastructure and so without the need to access the Internet. The data collected from the monitored computers will be sent to this local server (customer’s infrastructure).


Can I link more than one account to a unique monitored computer?

No. A specific monitored computer can be linked to only a unique account (specific e-mail).


Can I access through a mobile device?

Yes. The online dashboard can be accessed by a web browser on your mobile device. However, depending on the screen resolution of your device, it is suggested that you use a device with a higher resolution to enable a better user experience.